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Company Profile

BSD Instrument Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd (BSD Instrument) is established in 2006, and headquartered in Beijing. The company business mission is to help focus the adsorption surface area analysis and successfully provide comprehensive solution with high accuracy, reliability and intelligent. BSD Instrument products diligently address all stages of adsorption analysis and integrate adsorption characterization across low-temperature Nitrogen absorbed BET specific surface analyzer, High Pressure Gas Sorption, Gravimetric Sorption-Vapor/Gas, Multi-constituent Adsorption Breakthrough Curve Analyzer, True Density Analyzer, Membrane Pore Size Analyzer, in the meanwhile, the test data from BSD is widely cited by Science, Nature Chemistry, Advanced Materials, JACS, Angew, Nano Energy and ACS.

BSD Instrument have established Beijing BSD Instrument analytical Research Institute, Metrology and Testing Center. BSD Instrument develop independently series of adsorption characterization analyzers and is well-known brand in domestic market. After years of continuous R&D and innovation, instruments’ performance has reached the international advanced level, and filled the international gaps.

BSD’s instruments and services are trusted by tens of thousands of active customers around the world from fast-growing startups to global enterprises, distinguished universities, and leading research centers. BSD Instrument provides excellent application technical support and 7*24 hours’ after-sales service throughout the product life-cycles.

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