BSD Instrument MOF2024 Singapore Platinum Sponsor

BSD Instrument MOF2024 Singapore Platinum Sponsor

The 9th International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds, MOF2024 is to be held at 15th to 19th July, 2024 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore. Moreover, a two day’s pre-conference will be held at UTown Auditorium 2, National University of Singapore from 13th July to 14th July, 2024. 

BSD Instrument is a platinum sponsor and participate in the academic activities actively:

  • Provide the comprehensive solution for adsorption characterization and fully support holding MOF2024 conference.
  • Demonstrate abundant and advanced product line in the field of MOF materials during the pre-conference, including BSD-660 Full automatic advanced Specific Surface Area and Aperture analyzer,  BSD-VVS&DVS Multi-station Gravimetric Vapor/Gas Sorption Analyzer, BSD-PH High Pressure Gas Sorption Analyzer, BSD-PMC Corrosive Gas Sorption Analyzer, BSD-MAB Multi-component Sorption Breakthrough Analyzer, BSD-Chem C200 Full automatic Chemisorption Analyzer and etc.
  • BSD Instrument will provide adsorption characterization method and support researchers related to MOF materials synthesis, characterization and application fields.

BSD Instrument focus on the development of MOF field, our mission is:

  • Launch innovative technology and products constantly, promote the development and innovation of MOFs field;
  • Provide the high quality instruments and solution, meet the needs of researchers from university, research academic and company.

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